Monday, August 11, 2014

The Cost Of Going Out With The Girls: NYC Style

I very rarely 'go out with the girls' anymore. Simply because I can't afford it. While that may be good for my (non) designer wallet, it's not a good thing for my relationships. Granted, yes, we ladies occasionally get together at each others home and we bring something to the pot luck table. But every once in a while, I now understand, it's good to get out and do something extravagant. It's good for your soul!

 My girlfriends and I have been friends since 1969. That's forty-five years of friendship. We've been through everything together: marriages, divorces, discos and partying, children and grandchildren, births and deaths of loved ones, career mishaps and career successes. All of us are in our early 60's and all of us are either retired or near retirement.

We all decided to treat ourselves to a day out (and night) on the town! Even though we've scattered, Manhattan NYC is still our home base.
We met at noon on the swanky upper West Side and had a fantastic, authentic Parisian lunch at the chicest French restaurant we could find.  We all had one entree, one drink and split two desserts.
I had the Croque Monsieur and a glass of Pinot Grigio. When the bill came, we split it five ways (another friend not pictured yet, attended) and my share came to $48 (tip included). We arrived at the restaurant at 1:30 and stayed till 5:30.

We took a little walk after lunch and then drove uptown to Times Square. We did a bit of walking throughout Times Square, and were shocked at some of the things we saw. Pictures below.

We had tickets to see '50 Shades-The Musical', a hilarious parody on the book '50 Shades Of Grey'. The show was sold out and was perfect for a girls night out! It didn't matter if you had read the book or not. The sex scenes were hysterical and the cast was divine. A big shout out to Jack Boice who did an outrageous spoof on the lead character, Christian Grey! Price per ticket: $47

After the show, we headed over to The Carnegie Deli for our usual New York City after-theater fare: corned beef sandwiches! We didn't have to worry about parking the car in any lot for the day or evening. One of my friends has a handicap permit, so we parked her car near most places we visited. Each sandwich (corned beef or pastrami) was $17.99 each. And if you split it, there was a $3 charge. Carnegie Deli is notorious for their sky-high sandwiches, so we opted to pay the additional $3 splitting fee. That came to $10.50 each per half sandwich. Throw in some cole slaw and a drink and my share of the bill came to $17, tip included.

We all spent the night at a sleep-over and talked and talked till three o'clock in the morning. The next day, one of my friends had to catch a flight back to Florida (we call her the 'flat leaver'). I had to catch a train back to upstate New York ($22 RT train fare). The rest of the ladies went back to their respective boroughs of Staten Island and Queens. Our days of living (and working)  in New York City are long gone.

The day cost me $134 and was worth every penny!  I know when it's good to be frugal and when it's good to just pay the bill and enjoy your life (AND your friends!) To me, this was money well spent!
Some music to drop your pants by.

The Housewives Of Brooklyn, NY.

The Carnegie Hall Of Famous Patrons.

Look at the size of those sandwiches! And slices of yummy cakes!

Painted Ladies in Times Square. Literally!

Some shocked tourists. Only in New York!

Pastrami on rye. For two!

Yes. We were shocked. For about a New York minute.


The show was sold out, that's how good the reviews are!

My friend was daring. She actually posed for photos with 'the ladies'.

There is no fee for the photo shoot. But they do accept tips!


  1. This looked awesome! NYC is a great place to hang with friends, for sure!

    1. Sharon, we had a blast. When are YOU coming back to NYC? We could hang. :)

    2. Would LOVE to! Maybe soon!


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